nevertothethird said: "I personally find L much more unlikable in CA than V? Just me?" --- Oh, I absolutely agree! Every time Veronica tries and Logan is cold to her, I just want to smack him upside the head. Because he can't get everything he wants in life but it feels like he thinks he should be able to. Kind of reads like he's a little boy, playing grown up while wearing dad's suit. He was able to pretend he was mature, but Veronica's presence in his life is making him realize he's not. So, he lashes out at her.


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I had tried to make that subtly obvious early on with the argument at Razia’s party. He’s kind of fell into this situation with Parker and managed to manipulate and sculpt it into something that can benefit him and it’s made him into quite the control freak (see: every time he’s swift to be irritated with Veronica, he knows she digs). Everyone talks about how mature and wonderful he is but he doesn’t really show it about 50% of the time. And Veronica might be a “mess” or “unlikable” or whatever else, but she’s genuinely trying to move forward. Logan’s happy to stay stuck in his “perfect” life and was more than happy to almost shove it in Veronica’s face, even if he did feel sympathy for her and warm back up to her. He’s human!

The entire fic is a play on self-created illusions and delusions. Veronica’s on her entire life after running (see: how she’s so baffled everything’s changed and everything’s moved on without her), Keith’s on Veronica (unnecessarily cold and distant with her for possibly unreasonable reasons) and Logan’s complete existence (creating this “perfect” story of a life. Spoiler alert- in an upcoming chapter, he straight up tells Razia that how they really met wasn’t something they could put in People Magazine). But the fic is also about coming to terms with reality and moving forward, in addition to How Veronica Got Her Groove Back.

With that said, I also don’t think Logan is a villain, at all. He’s flawed but his heart IS in the right place. He does love Parker and their kid, he does love and care for Veronica, and he doesn’t want to hurt or screw up anyone’s life. He just thought he could have a better grasp on things than he actually does, and the past and lies will always come back, one way or another.

I think that’s the most I’ve ever talked about this story in one shot LOL.