ghostcat3000 said: Re: the Audience Participation Fic Meme - What moment/scene in your stories are you most proud of? It could be because of the work you put into it or because of the surprise it brought you. Tell me about it.

I had to really think about this LOL.

I’ll keep it to VM stuff since I guess this is where it’s at? I guess the first half of the third part to The Long Way Home. I agonize a lot over my writing but I think I did an okay job at not only showing the struggle of feeling “alone” when you’re not really alone but also a very human reaction of wanting to run back to a familiar, with V explicitly saying she wanted to run back to New York. I maybe captured the helpless feeling you get when you can’t change something that’s making you sad, and the longing when you’re apart from someone you love.

Is that good enough? That felt weird typing out.